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Your Battery Guide is a collection of useful articles aimed at HELPING YOU get the most out of your batteries and ultimately SAVE YOU MONEY!

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Jon - Owner / Editor

Welcome to ‘Your Battery Guide’.  I am the owner and editor, and since owning my first car, I have had a huge interest in automotive engineering and more specifically performance tuning.  Alongside my passion for motors, I am a qualified programer and designer.

I created ‘Your Battery Guide’ to help average, non technical people to find solutions for their car battery problems.  Although Your Battery Guide is quite focussed around automotive, I do also cover general use everyday batteries, solar panel batteries, marine batteries, the kinds of battery that may power you RV utilities and many more.

Since learning to recondition batteries, I decided to include some useful guides to help keep your everyday batteries in the best possible condition.

Batteries are in so much of what we use and the costs of replacing batteries can be huge, especially over time.  I hope the information on this site can help you in the way it has helped me.  I am adding new guides, tips and tricks regularly.

If you have any requests for an article, or have any tips to offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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