EZ Battery Reconditioning Reviews
Rating: 4.8 out of 5

What Can The EZ Battery Reconditioning System Do For You

EZ Battery Reconditioning is a popular and reliable source, teaching a wealth of information in short, expertly written, easy to follow guides.  The course is packed with reliable, proven methods and detailed diagrams, and is supported by a 60 day money back guarantee.

I have been reconditioning old batteries since mid 2019 when I learned how, through the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program .  I have saved a lot of money on replacement batteries and the EZ battery reconditioning course is REALLY easy for just about anyone to learn from, and it works well with a wide variety of batteries.

Many people already own a battery charger with a reconditioning cycle but the cycle will only tackle one type of battery problem.  The EZ battery reconditioning course looks at many of the issues that can cause battery damage and the methods to fix them, and improve battery life and performance.

The theory behind the program itself is pretty straight forward and it has been tried and tested by thousands of people with proven results on most battery types.

The EZ battery reconditioning program was created in the US and is available worldwide. It is used quite widely in the US, UK, Austrailia, New Zealand, Canada and throughout Europe.

Based on my own use and some extensive research, it is obvious that the EZ battery reconditioning course creator (Tom Ericson), is an expert in the field, especially when delivering such an incredibly powerful and effective course which is not only easy to use, but also stands true on its claims.

What can you learn from the EZ Battery Reconditioning program?

  1. Save money by reconditioning your old batteries.
  2. No need to buy new batteries when you can get old batteries for free and bring them back to life.
  3. Use simple methods to recondition batteries at home with easy to follow illustrations.
  4. Learn how to keep your batteries in the best health so they will last longer.
  5. Apply the proven methods you have learned to make an extra income selling reconditioned batteries online at a fraction of the cost of a new battery.

Reconditioning batteries has become very popular over the past few years, and there are very few courses offering as complete a guide as the EZ battery reconditioning program.  I have tried to keep this review un-biased but have been genuinely amazed at the results that I have achieved and would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy way to reduce battery costs themselves.

As with any new product on the internet that offers big claims, especially those that can save you money, many people will wonder if the EZ battery reconditioning program is legit or is it just another scam.  I was of course a little sceptical myself until I tried it out.

The course contains some of the best step by step battery reconditioning guides that I have found anywhere and in my opinion, easy enough for anyone to get good results.  I also found some of the best battery reconditioning methods used within this course compared to some outdated methods that I have found in other courses.

  • Would you like to learn how to make your batteries last much longer before having to replace them?
  • Do you currently have have an expensive battery that needs to be replaced such as a car battery, golf cart battery, solar panel battery or similar that you can’t afford to replace?
  • Would you benefit by making a side income using the reconditioning methods in this course? 

Of course you would, and this EZ battery reconditioning guide will explain how the course covers all of the above and so much more, so keep reading to find out how.it 

There are many EZ Battery reviews on the internet (not all genuine I must add), so I have tried to go as in depth as possible with my review about the EZ battery reconditioning program and what you can learn from it.

If you feel that my review is too long or in depth, I would advise you to go directly to the product website and read some real customer reviews.  This is also where you can buy the EZ Battery Reconditioning System which is often selling for a huge discount at around 75-80% off of its full price.   Click here for the EZ battery reconditioning program website.

What Is The EZ Battery Reconditioning Secret

I don’t know why people ask “what is the EZ Battery Reconditioning secret?”.  There really is no secret.

Tom Ericson who created the EZ battery reconditioning program has researched and tested his methods on batteries for many years and decided to create a trustworthy set of guides that are based on how each different battery works.

The steps set out in each guide are common sense when you understand how each battery type works.

There are 2 parts to the EZ battery reconditioning program.  The first and most obvious, is to show you how to recondition dead batteries.  The second part of the program shows you how to make a genuine and profitable side income online (or offline) by reconditioning batteries for others or by selling them through eBay or a similar online marketplace.

If you want to save yourself money by reconditioning your own batteries, or if you like the idea of making an extra income selling reconditioned batteries, then I strongly recommend you read my entire review.

Although I will not cover any of the specific techniques or methods used to recondition batteries, I will briefly touch on a couple. 

I will give you a complete overview of what the Ez battery reconditioning system will offer, along with my own experiences with using it.

Why Do Batteries Degrade

The lifespan of a battery is variable and can depend on many factors, although all batteries will eventually weaken over time.

When batteries degrade, they will be unable to take a full charge or will discharge much quicker than usual.  So why do batteries degrade in this way?  A quick explanation about how batteries work will help you to understand why they degrade.

The EZ Battery system covers many types of battery in use today such as WET CELL car batteries.  Over time, these batteries can suffer from depletion of the sulphuric acid inside of them or can suffer from sulphation of the lead plates inside of them.

In order to keep this review as short as possible, I am going to use Lithium-Ion batteries as an example to explain how a battery works and reasons why a battery can degrade.  Lithium-Ion batteries are also covered in the reconditioning program.

Lithium-ion batteries have become very popular, and are used to power many of the devices that we use today such as our smart phones, smart watches, tablets, laptops and electric cars.

How Do Lithium-ion Batteries Work

Lithium-ion batteries are made up of two layers.  One of these layers is lithium cobalt oxide and the other layer is made from graphite.  Lithium ions move back and forth from the graphite layer to the lithium cobalt layer, while charging or discharging.  When a battery is in use, lithium ions move from the graphite layer across to the lithium cobalt layer which produces energy.  The lithium ions return to the graphite layer when charging the battery.

The diagram below shows how this process works.

Lithium Ion Battery Diagram
How A Lithium Ion Battery Works

Will Over Or Under Charging A Battery Damage It

Batteries have optimal conditions that they should be used and stored in.  Outside of these conditions, batteries will either not operate to their full capacity or they can become damaged.

Most lithium-ion batteries won’t charge to 100% even when they appear to be fully charged.  This is a manufacturers way to protect the battery from over use.  A battery that is truly charged to 100% would need all of the lithium ions moved to the graphite layer.  This would leave the lithium cobalt layer empty of these ions and the structure of this layer will begin to degrade.

The lithium cobalt layer will begin to break down if there are no lithium ions helping to hold its structure together which will have an impact on how many ions can be transfered back when creating energy.  The battery will not operate at full capacity in this situation.

A battery that is regularly kept at over 80% or under 20% or its capacity will also degrade to some degree as the internal layers will consistently have ions crammed into them which will cause them to expand.

How Should Batteries Be Stored

When storing batteries over many months you should never store them in a full state of charge or discharge, you should store them at around 50% charge.  This will ensure that the lithium ions are equally stored between the graphite layer and the lithium cobalt oxide layer helping to ensure the sructure of both layers is maintained without degradation.

How Does Temperature Affect Batteries

Temperature does affect how batteries perform and I often hear the comment that cold weather will zap your batteries.  Some people recommend putting batteries in your pocket until they are needed, to keep them warm.

I do not often hear people talk about how hot temperatures can affect batteries which is strange as heat has more of a negative impact on the long term performance of your batteries.

Overheated Battery Damage

Cold temperatures will slow down the transferance of the moveable lithium ions between the graphite layer and the lithium cobalt oxide layer which will cause the battery to perform more sluggishly.  This is a temporary condition and will improve as the battery warms up.

High temperatures can have a more permanent, and negative impact on the lifespan of your battery.  Batteries can heat up when overcharging or if left in hot environments such as a car, or in direct sunlight.  So why do batteries dislike the heat so much?

I have already mentioned the internal structure of the  Lithium-ion battery and the graphite and lithium cobalt oxide layers in which the lithiumn ions travel between.  Each of the layers have gaps in them which are filled with liquid electrolytes.

These liquid electrolytes are what the moveable ions travel through and they also stop the two layers from touching.  The liquid electrolytes are a pretty important part of the overall battery structure and in high temperatures, can begin to break down.  Over time this can cause permanent damage to the batteries structure and the batteries performance.

What Is Battery Reconditioning

I so often come across questions like,  “Can you recondition a dead car battery?” or “How do you fix a phone battery that won’t hold its charge?”  So what is battery reconditioning and how can it help?

Most people don’t even realize that battery reconditioning is even possible and won’t know that a dead battery can often be fixed, so instead their old batteries will just go out with the trash or to a recycling center.

The truth is, there are many reconditioning techniques that can be used to fix or rejuvinate a damaged battery.

Are reconditioned batteries any good?  Batteries that have been reconditioned can often return to full health or very close to it.

The never-ending cost of replacing worn down, old batteries over the space of only one year can be enormous, so imagine the cost over a lifetime.  The damage to the environment is also quite significant and worth considering.

The EZ Battery Reconditioning System has gained a lot of popularity by teaching people how to recondition batteries at home.

DIY battery restoration is becoming more popular because people have better access to information over the internet. The ease of access to this type of information is helping all kinds of people attempt DIY battery repairs with no previous skillset.  Once you understand the theory, it really isn’t that hard to learn with the right information.

Most of the information on the internet or Youtube is incomplete, old or not detailed enough.  I struggled to find the information I needed, which is why I chose to purchase the EZ Battery Reconditioning program and learn the correct methods all in one ultimate resource.

You may want to know the best way to recondition a car battery that won’t hold charge or maybe you think your car battery is completely dead.

You may want to know how to rejuvinate a cell phone battery or tablet battery that won’t hold its charge.

You may even want to recondition your collection of NiCad or Lithium-Ion rechargable batteries for your kids toys because they are beginning to fade.

The cost of replacing any battery these days can be huge. The techniques covered in this course can be used to rejuvinate so many different battery types, and will make it invaluable to anyone willing to learn the simple, yet powerful techniques involved.

You will find guides on how to recondition many battery types including (but not limited to):

  • Car Batteries
  • Laptop Batteries
  • Phone/Tablet Batteries
  • Golf Cart Batteries
  • Fork Lift Batteries
  • Solar Panel Batteries
  • AA, AAA and other standard size rechargable NiCAD batteries

The EZ Battery Reconditioning System has guides on how to recondition almost any type of battery in use today.

So Who Is The EZ Battery Reconditioning Program Intended For

You may have already heard about the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program, or this may be the first time you are reading about it.  Some curiosity may have sparked, and you are wondering if it may be suitable for you.  So who is the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program intended for?

Check out the short video below to find out a bit more.

Quite simply, EZ Battery Reconditioning was designed for anyone that wants to learn how to restore or recondition old and damaged batteries.

Due to the vast array of batteries covered, this system is useful to just about anyone.

People searching for Doomsday prepping guides are finding this system very useful which I guess is understandable.  Should the worst ever happen, everyone will become very reliant on batteries, and learning how to keep batteries healthy will be a vital skill for survival.

Preppers or survivalists can learn many ways to gather energy such as through solar power but the energy needs to be stored through a sizeable battery setup.  To reduce costs dramatically, old and discarded batteries can be obtained and then reconditioned using the techniques set out using the battery reconditioning system.

If ever the grid goes down, survivalists will not only have their own supply of energy, they will also know the techniques to keep it healthy for a long time.

Does Battery Reconditioning Really Work

Battery reconditioning really does work.  When you begin to discover how batteries really work, it is much easier to understand that the methods used to repair or rejuvinate dead batteries are genuine.

There is nothing magical about fixing dead batteries.  Most things can be reconditioned these days so why not batteries.

Is Battery Reconditioning Easy

To apply the techniques given in the battery reconditioning program, no previous technical ability is required.  The system has been developed to make fixing batteries easy for just about everyone.

The system is packed full of easy to follow, step-by-step guides for many types of battery fixes, with many different methods covered.

One of the reasons why batteries are discarded so often is because people don’t realize that batteries can be reconditioned.  They certainly don’t realize they can be reconditioned so easily.

Even if people are aware that they can restore old batteries, many people don’t believe that they will have the technical ability, and this is not the case.

Before I started using the EZ Battery Reconditioning system, I knew nothing about batteries or how they worked.  I know cars and have spent many years tinkering and tuning them.  If you asked me to fit a high-lift cam or change a timing belt, no problem but clueless when talking electricals.  I would always have my go-to friends on speed dial if I needed to install a car stereo, an alarm system, or any performance enhancement that needed any wiring effort.

I first purchased the EZ Battery Reconditioning System when I had a dead car battery.  As car batteries can be pretty expensive, and I’d bought a new battery only a few months previous for another vehicle, I wanted a cheaper alternative.

A healthy battery is integral to the smooth running of any car, and for what they do, the price is justified, but I didn’t have money to just burn on batteries.  I wanted to know how to recondition a lead acid battery, so after a bit of research on the web, I discovered the EZ Battery Reconditioning System, which talked about doing battery restoration at home.

The system explained that you could recondition rechargeable batteries, and learn how reconditioning lead acid batteries is easy to do.  The system claimed that you could recondition old batteries back to 100% of their previous health.  I was a little skeptical, to say the least.

I decided to give it a try, and I’m glad that I did.  The claims were completely backed up by reliable guides and easy to follow methods.  I managed to recondition my car battery which is still working a year later and the money I saved paid for the course and left me with money to spare.

So What Is The EZ Battery Reconditioning Program

The EZ Battery Reconditioning Program is a series of step by step instructional guides created by Tom Ericson. Below is a short video introducing the system and examples of what you can expect.

Some of the guides are a little more in-depth and may seem complicated at first, but that is not the case.  A quick example is a trick that I learned in the EZ Battery System to fix a cell phone battery.  I simply needed to use an old USB charging cable, cut off the end which plugs into the phone, and then expose the 2 wires under the plastic casing.  I just had to connect the USB end into a charger and then touch the bare, exposed wires onto the cell phone battery terminals.  That’s it….  Battery fixed.

Before performing these steps, my cell phone was charging to 100% within 20 minutes, and then whenever using it, the battery would drain to 5% within a few minutes before cutting out.

After performing these steps, my phone started to work as it did before, charging within around an hour and lasting the whole day with light use.

I could have spent $30 on a battery and instead only had to chop up an old and barely functioning charger cable. I can now use the wire over and over again whenever needed.

The steps I used above are far more detailed in the eBook but just as simple. You can have no clue at what you are doing and still be successful.

Below is a free pdf guide on how to prolong the life of Lithium-Ion, Laptop, and Cell Phone batteries. This type of information comes with the EZ Battery Reconditioning System so that you can first of all care for your batteries before you will need to recondition them.

Can All Batteries Be Reconditioned

Most types of batteries in use today can be reconditioned, but some batteries can be too faulty and beyond reconditioning.

A battery can get reconditioned back to almost new.  You can usually perform the reconditioning several times, but there will come a time that every battery has come to the end of its life.

Does EZ Battery Reconditioning Have Video Guides

One downside I felt could have made the EZ Battery Reconditioning system better would be the addition of video guides.

Sometimes I think it is easier to watch someone doing and then following along; however, there are only written guides with detailed pictures. The battery reconditioning guides are straightforward and easy to understand, and the images are so clear and well set out, that video is not really necessary.  If Video was added it would just be a bonus and ispossible that it may get added in the future.

Does EZ Battery Reconditioning Require Any Tools

What battery reconditioning kit will you need?  For a few of the reconditioning techniques, some extra tools will be required.  For example, some of the methods used to recondition a car battery would require distilled water or epsom salt (magnesium sulphate).  Both can be found quite easily.

Another approach is to apply a specific type of charge called an equalizing charge to the battery, which would require some extra equipment.  Battery reconditioning chargers can apply this type of charge which can fight sulphation within the battery.  You will find the best methods within the course material.

A multimeter will be handy so that you can measure the condition or the current that is present in the battery you are working on.

Although this may initially seem like a pain, the equipment required is not very expensive, and even with the cost of the course added on as well, it is still cheaper than buying a new car battery.

Over a lifetime, the average person can spend $10,000 to $15,000 on batteries.  That figure may seem quite high, but if you think about how much of what we own, runs on batteries, and as technology progresses, we are spending more and more on batteries, it would make sense to learn these simple techniques.

This system can help you to restore your batteries several times, and if you only restore your old batteries just once, you will be halving your lifetime battery spend (that’s a $5,000 to $7500 saving).

Extra equipment will not be required for every method detailed, and for every battery fix.  Still, any additional equipment that you do need will only need to be purchased once and will get used repeatedly, each time saving you money.

You will need to find some spare time when reconditioning batteries.  The type of battery will dictate how much time it will take to recondition a battery.  Some of the methods can litterally take 10 minutes whereas others can take several hours to complete (usually just waiting for a process to end).

Start A Battery Reconditioning Business

There are thousands of ways to make money online, some of them are more successful than others.  I am aware that some people are making money from using the EZ Battery Reconditioning System, and I have as well.

A battery reconditioning business makes sense if you are learning a set of methods that are designed to save you money, then why not apply them in a way that will also make you money.

Have you ever searched for a reconditioned car battery on eBay or Amazon?  There are quite a few listings.  How many of these batteries do you think have been reconditioned using the steps set out in the EZ Battery Reconditioning System?  I would imagine quite a few.

If you can pick up some dead or worn down car batteries from your local junkyard and restore them by using this system, you would only need to run a multimeter on them before listing them on eBay or craigslist and make $30-$50 profit per sale.  I have done this myself, but you do need to sell to people that can pick-up in person otherwise, you would need to charge a hefty shipping charge due to the weight of a car battery.

If you abide by your state’s shipping laws, you can try this method on laptop batteries, cell phone batteries, tablet batteries, etc.  Trust me, it’s a great idea.

Why not consider how much it will cost you to buy a faulty battery for these types of devices.  The cost is very little.

Battery recycling facilities have hundreds of old and worn out batteries dumped for free.  You could create your own stock of reconditioned batteries for minimal cost.

Let’s consider the maths…..  If you could sell 2 batteries a day on eBay or a similar marketplace at $17 each, plus postage, that would be $34 per day, which doesn’t really seem worth the effort.  Now multiply that by 30 (days in a month), and you will be making yourself an extra $1,020 bucks each month.  Do you think you could sell 2 batteries a day for $17 each when a new battery would cost someone $30-$50?  I would say in the current climate, hell yeah!  In fact, you could sell 3 times that many.

If you don’t believe me, do some research! Go and check out eBay right now. It’s crazy!  You can even see how many reconditioned batteries that each seller has sold over the last month.

Below is a picture of the EZ Battery Reconditioning course. You can see the extra guide which shows you how to set up a battery reconditioning business either by doing the steps above or using some other recommendations.

Anyway, we have strayed away from the course a little, so getting back to the point of this review.

What Do You Get In The EZ Battery Reconditioning Program

The course itself is delivered in electronic format which can be downloaded or viewed online. You are given access to a member area and will even have access to future content as it gets added.

The course creator has put a lot of time and effort into The EZ Battery Reconditioning System, and because of its popularity, he is probably earning a decent living from it, so I would imagine that he will keep adding new guides over the coming years.

Although you won’t need to understand how batteries work or why you are performing the steps set out in his guides, there are explanations as to why car batteries and other batteries fail.  Car batteries can suffer from sulphation, for example, and his methods talk about how to reverse this quickly.  Phone batteries can suffer from exposure to heat or cold and can be damaged by how they get charged (or not charged). These things get explained along with the solutions to fix them.

Is The EZ Battery Reconditioning System Worth The Price

A wealth of useful and actionable information is provided within the course which definitely makes EZ Battery Reconditioning worth the price.

When I bought the system myself a little over a year ago, I was unsure and a little skeptical, but I thought what the heck, it doesn’t cost a lot, and there is a 60-day money-back guarantee through the ClickBank marketplace where this course is hosted and sold.

A quick search on Google about ClickBank’s reputation told me that they are a popular marketplace that host mainly informational products.  The product Vendors are carefully vetted along with their informational courses before they are allowed for sale.

An ongoing process keeps track of sales to refund ratio, and if refunds reach a certain level, the course gets taken down.

The EZ Battery Reconditioning Program has been hosted on ClickBank for many years, and I have found the quality of the course to far surpass my expectations.

When I purchased the course, I could have just learned what I needed and then got myself a refund (I’m not that dishonest).  With the amount of useful information in the course, I would genuinely feel that I was missing out by not having access to this information.

Despite getting the information that I needed for my car battery, I have used the course for many more battery repairs and continue to use it.  It’s also fun to show family and friends how clever you are when fixing their battery issues.

My Rating Of The EZ Battery Reconditioning System

4.8 out of 5

My personal rating of The EZ Battery Reconditioning System is a solid 4.8 out of 5. Why 4.8 and not 5?  Simply because I felt that video guides would be a nice touch. Who knows, maybe Tom will add some video guides in the future.

The value within the EZ Battery Reconditioning System quickly pays for the cost of the course, so in effect, the course could be considered free after only a short time of using it.




If you are fed up paying out on expensive battery replacements, want to make some extra cash on the side, or are just like learning to fix things, then this course is perfect for you.

Battery restoration at home can be fun and even quite profitable.  DIY battery reconditioning is not for everyone, and if you can afford to spend out on new batteries regularly, I guess that may be more convenient.

I find DIY battery restoration quite satisfying.  Repairing a dead battery gives me quite the feeling of accomplishment, and the simple methods used are easy enough not to be a drain on my time.  I can sit down and restore several batteries in one go or perform a quick battery fix when needed.

If you want a reliable battery reconditioning guide that gives genuine results, then you really can’t go wrong with this system and recommend that you go take a look for yourself.

Find out more about the EZ Battery Reconditioning System.